iPad & iPhone App Development Company Canada

iPhone development company With over 20 years mobile app development experience, Really Good IT Solutions are a company you can trust to deliver your custom enterprise, business or consumer iPhone and iPad apps.

With experience starting back in 1995 working on rugged touch-screen mobile Point of Sale handhelds through to Windows Mobile and Windows CE and now Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch we have vast experience of developing, maintaining and supporting mobile solutions that are both easy to use and deploy around the world.

Many companies are now looking at the iPhone and iPad for deploying custom enterprise apps that are bespoke developments for their specific employee and business needs.

Did you know apps do not have to be made available through the iTunes App Store? Corporate Apps can be made available through your own servers and targeted to run on your businesses iPhone and iPad devices only.

How Much Does A Custom iPhone App Cost?

Free Advice This is a tough question as requirements vary significantly. For an initial review and estimate of the cost of your custom iPhone or iPad app development, please contact our iPhone team. However our affordable custom iPhone or iPad app development services start from just $4495.

Factors affecting the price of your custom iPhone or iPad app include: which existing software modules we can make use of, external interfaces to other systems and the general complexity of the app.

Whilst we are ideally located to travel to clients in the Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, New Brunswick, PEI, Halifax, Dartmouth and Atlantic Canada regions, for regular site visits during specification, development and delivery phases, we will tend to operate more via telephone and email for clients in the rest of Canada, North America and Europe. However, local service is available within the UK.

What Else Do You Need?

The majority of our competitors develop the iPhone or iPad app and then hand it over. Now what? You need data pushed to it and data pulled from it.

Our expertise is also in developing integrated web based back office management and reporting software to manage your mobile applications. We have developed back office solutions for major clients, including other software companies, to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

What Makes a Great iPhone App?

Quite simply two things. 1...User Acceptance and 2...It Must Work.  They both seem obvious right? We think so but some many companies get one or both of these completely wrong.

User adoption is only achieved through software being simple, intuitive to use and bringing the user benefits such as saving time.

"It Must Work" - in some environments the software simply does not work because the developers do not consider how or where the app will be used. If you are working outside, you might be wearing gloves in the winter or for protection. Are the buttons large enough to press when wearing gloves?

These simple things are so often missed by our competitors and by software development companies that have previously developed software for PCs. This is where our 15 years mobile application development experience reaps rewards and makes us stand out from the crowd.