Halifax Catering

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on December 4, 2010 in SEO News |

Halifax Catering company Certainly Cinnamon has yet again delivered the goods by choosing SEO Expert Company Really Good IT Solutions to handle their web marketing.  Corporate Catering in Halifax never tasted so good!


YellowPages are after your website design and SEO customers

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on December 2, 2010 in SEO News |

We have just been called this morning by a potential client asking if it is true that Yellow Pages are the only way to get a good ranking on Google.  They are apparently offering SEO and Website design services and this person got the impression they’ve done a deal with Google and no one else can compete with them.

Sorry YellowPages, he signed a contract with us after talking to us for less than 10 minutes!

The worrying thing is they only called us after receiving our marketing postcard in the mail that day, had they not seen it they might have signed a very expensive deal with YellowPages


SEO for Catering Company in Halifax NS

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on December 2, 2010 in SEO News |

We are happy to announce we are currently performing search engine optimization for Certainly Cinnamon, a Halifax Wedding and Corporate Catering company


SEO and unreliable hosting

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on December 2, 2010 in SEO |

We have had a couple of “situations” with a client who is very demanding.  Their website is hosted and designed by a company that uses a proprietry CMS which really is not very good.  You cannot maintain page titles, page description or keyword meta data. It also means we perform onsite search engine optimization, and then they go in and change it all.  To make it worse the hosting and website design company’s servers are unreliable.

After finally drilling it into them if they change the content it will undo the work we have done to optimize it, everything was going well.  All signed off, we’re done.  Now we want paying.  It just so happens Yahoo recrawled the site when the hosting was down so it indexed it on MySQL errors and they refused to pay us!  How is this our fault?

On reindexing by Yahoo, they did pay us and were actually very happy with the results – Google page 10 to page 1!


Get more friends and followers

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on October 1, 2010 in Social Media |

If you are trying to build your followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook do not make social media basic mistakes that so many business owners make.

Do not send out emails to your customers asking them to join you and then do nothing but ignore them and send out marketing email after marketing email trying to get more sales.  The delete button will be hit in no time at all.

If this is you – you are missing the point.  Social Media is a two way process.  Connect, communicate, get feedback, improve customer satisfaction, send out loyalty offers and the odd sales email.  Traditional marketing methods simply do not work with social media, this is not a mass marketing tool.


Joining lists on Twitter, does it work?

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on October 1, 2010 in Social Media |

If a list on Twitter has thousands of followers and it is related to your products, services or business expertise, great, join it.  You can then send your commercial emails out to thousands of potential customers.

Wrong.  Just think how this works in reverse.  Do you want to join the list and be on the receiving end of thousands of commercial emails?  You should not use Twitter to bombard people with blatant buy our products and services messages.  Connect, learn from your customers.  What are they saying about your products and services?  See a complain, do not ignore it.  Follow up, what is wrong and how can you correct it?

Support and build customer loyalty and then you will start to reap the rewards of social media.


Search Engine Optimization Fredericton

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on September 5, 2010 in SEO |

Search Engine Optimization in Fredericton is offered  by many businesses.  Who has the experience, knowledge and skills to get your Fredericton NB business search optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing on local searches?  Really Good IT Solutions offer affordable SEO packages for local search from just $295 per month for 3 months.

We have happy clients that are page 1 on all three engines and have seen significant increases in orangic traffic, but we do tend to web optimize for Google as a number 1 target.


Forget your company website – use social media

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 30, 2010 in SEO Myths |

Social media is a great additional tool for connecting with your customers and expanding your reach in the search of new buyers.  However, get rid of your website and just rely on social media?  Some “experts” are advising just that.

NO – do not do it.

An analogy I like to use in response to this is it is a bit like having an inground pool installed in your home.  When the time comes to sell there will be a huge portion of potential buyers that will rule your home out as they do not want a pool due to the maintenance and safety concerns.  The same is true of companies just relying on social media.  What about the  billions of people that aren’t Facebook members?  You are closing the door to all of the people that choose not to use social media.  Yes, 500m+ Facebook members is very impressive but your website has billions of potential users.

Do not be sucked in and fooled by someone trying to convince you social media is all you need to be concerned about now.


New sites immediately ranked high on Google

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 30, 2010 in SEO |

This seems to go against what we have been always said about the age of the domain helps with SEO – the older the better.  But recently we have seen a couple of clients with brand new domains go straight in at page 1 on Google.  Eventually they then slip back down the page rankings until the SEO takes shape and they move back up the page rankings.

I was chatting to someone about this recently and they have seen the same.  Their thinking is Google is pushing some new domains to page 1 to see if they quickly gain a lot of in-links and become an authority site.  If not, they slide back to where they should have really been indexed in the first place.

So if you think you’re doing great on a new site that is indexed page 1 on Google within a week or so, wait and see before you crack open the bubbly, this might be the reason.


Spelling mistakes and SEO

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 30, 2010 in SEO |

Is your company name, location, product brands or service difficult to spell?

It can be hugely beneficial to include incorrect spellings of your keywords to gain traffic.  In very competitive keywords it can take a long time to achieve page 1 rankings, however a few targeted mis-spelled words can have you racing up the page rankings relatively quickly.  This can be a great source of additional traffic and result in page 1 Google rankings

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