Content Management Systems (CMS) and SEO

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 24, 2010 in SEO |

Do they ever really go together?  If SEO copy is produced and high page rankings achieved, you do not want someone to go in 2 weeks later  and undo your work by completely changing the text and then eventually see the page slip rapidly down the rankings?

This is a problem faced by SEO companies working for clients that exist on using a CMS to maintain the site afterwards.  Our advice is to either:

  • Run all copy changes through your SEO company before putting them live


  • Build in constant copy updates as part of the SEO contract


SEO – include company name in all page titles or not?

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 23, 2010 in SEO |

We have just finished a search engine optimization project for a client where our deal was no payment if we didn’t get them on page 1 of Google, in a competitive market and they were coming from nowhere.  They were interested in Google only.  This took 6 months to achieve.  This sort of contract is one we would not usually take, as you could work months for nothing.

The company name does not appear in the title of the landing page for the number 1 search phrase for their business services.  It does however appear on other pages that are very highly ranked.  Now the customer wants the company name in there, and to appear first.  Good or bad?  We think bad as we can see the rankings slipping.

We would be interested to learn about other opinions and experiences of whether to include the company name in the title and then risk diluting the page rankings in extremely competitive market places.


Keywords on Google – do they matter?

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 23, 2010 in SEO |

We used to say Google didn’t really care about metadata keywords, and to be honest why would they we’ve always thought?  Metadata keywords are so open to abuse.  You are stating what your page is about.  Surely it is better if the engine determines what it is about from the content?  If I write a report, if I put the title as How to Make $1 Million in 12 months, it doesn’t mean that is what the document is really about.  It could be an advert to sell my car!  You get the picture, right?  Keywords = SPAM SEO potential like no other.

So, a little test.  We’ve indexed some pages with and without keywords, changed keywords, removed keywords and kept the content the same.  The results indicate Google does infact take keywords into account, just not much.  It certainly appears to make more difference on Yahoo, but we expected that.  The Google results were surprising though.

Our findings are use relevant keywords ONLY and make sure the keywords also exist in the content too to avoid keyword spam penalties.


SEO of videos on Google

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 22, 2010 in SEO |

Video sitemaps give  Google great SEO information about the videos on your site.  Read more here:

Video Sitemaps center


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools verification gets easier

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 22, 2010 in SEO News |

You can now use a time saving Google Analytics Javascript snippet to verify ownership of your website so you do not have to perform two completely seperate tasks to add Google Analytics and verify ownership through Webmaster Tools.

This is possible with the newer asynchronous Analytics Javascript


Google ranking algorithm change

Posted by Really Good IT Solutions on August 22, 2010 in SEO News |

Google announced today (21/8/2010) it was launching its new ranking algorithm that will return more results for a single site.  This is great news for returning more results from sites with a large number of pages without having to repeat and try numerous searchs to find the page you want.

Results from other sites will still appear in the results to offer alternative pages/sites

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